Przemyslaw Moskal: Virtual and Real: KD n and Light

  • ©2004, Przemyslaw Moskal



    Virtual and Real: KD n and Light


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Artist Statement:

    My principal interest is to create artworks that incorporate visual, audio, and interaction design aspects with elements of surprise or randomness. I treat programming languages and computer hardware as means of expressing myself and of exploring technical possibili­ ties. The design of interaction is especially important to me, because it evokes a physical and intellectual reaction from viewers, engaging them in a creative dialog with my artwork. This dialog sets a stage to confront my own ideas with those of viewers. It often transforms my artwork into creations beyond my own expectations, empowering viewers’ own creative capabilities.

Technical Information:

    Virtual & Real: K-Dron and Light is the first project from my new series, Virtual & Real. It was inspired by Janusz Kapusta’s K-Dron shape and its luminous properties when stimulated by light. The project connects the viewer with a virtual space through interaction of a mouse and a virtual light in a three-dimensional, digital environment composed of K-Dron walls. The combinations of K-Drons and light evoke unique, mosaic-like images, which, as they leave traces of color, create an ever-changing, spontaneous, and abstract blend of two- and three-dimensional compositions.
    Your mouse is directly connected to a virtual light and sound in the world of K-Drons. Slowly move the mouse left and right to change the position of the light and move it quickly to trigger various anima­ tions and patterns of the K-Dron walls. Technical requirements: at least 32MB 3D graphics card, Pentium 4 processor, and Shockwave player.
    This project was made possible in part by grants from the New York State Council on the Arts and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
    Sound by Edward Tang

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