Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang: Transparent Organ

  • ©2014, Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang

  • ©2014, Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang

  • ©2014, Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang



    Transparent Organ


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Artist Statement:

    Biologically inspired computing and bionic design point to new directions in the creation of objects. Growth in most natural forms is dictated by the basic rules of symmetry and recursion, relying on the process of Self-organization and synergy as the primary mechanisms for producing “behaviours” of adaptation. Therefore, this project aims to demonstrate a novel approach to fabricating artificial nature, through algorithm studies that simulate the development of both form and behaviours found in the natural world.

    Transparent Organ is based on trilateral rotational symmetry and reflection to generate organic forms through digital fabrication techniques. It uses the metaphor of phototropism in building algorithms for interaction with a whisker-like sculpture. The motions of the views trigger light sources, instantaneously guiding the directions of the sculpture as it bends to face to the light. The installation explores the between the ambient atmosphere and the kinetic interaction in a space.

    The technical aspects of the work include the use of actuators to control the wire’s tension and compression for effecting the transformation of a flexible structure, and the organic shape is generated and fabricated by CAD/CAM. In terms of behaviours, the interactive algorithms is built as a cellular computing object, it may detect outside contact, and changes the self-state of lighting and actuating control. Furthermore, it may be applied as a cellular automata system to reorganise itself in keeping with similar objects, forming global behaviours.


    Transparent Organ(光器)基於三向軸對稱 (trilateral rotational symmetry) 與透明材質反射原理的特性,發展數位構築下的有機形體。其內部的行為機制由演算法具有光趨性的暗喻,與觀者產生互,進而啟動光源、改變植物彎曲,以此尋找環境空間中光與可動物件的互動關係。



    National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute