Jian-you Li: 3D printed Pens and Wave Rings

  • ©2012-2013, Jian-you Li

  • ©2012-2013, Jian-you Li

  • ©2012-2013, Jian-you Li



    3D printed Pens and Wave Rings


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    3D Print


Artist Statement:

    3D printed Pen and Wave Ring are derived from the technology of applied generative design. In these works, the simple geometric algorithm systems for generating variations served as a point of departure. I then explored both automatic input methods and manual inputs, using surface analysis and random parameters. In the many variations of Wave Ring, the resulting forms represent creative works that challenge the conventional design formats of commercially produced jewelry. The entire process of input and evaluation changed my own approach to inventing form.

    In making these prototypes, I used most of the available 3D printing technology, including SLS, SLA, and Titanium. I collaborated with the Additive Manufacturing Center of ITRI in Taiwan and am currently exploring the possibility of applying advanced 3D printing technology to creative design production.

    Many ideas came out in this project, including the possibility of customization and the collection of big data from customers. These works combine generative design and 3D printing, and represent the potential of new access to creative design for the general public.


    在這些原型中,作者使用了手邊可得的數種3D列印技術,包含SLS、SLA與鈦金屬,並與台灣工研院積層製造中心(Additive Manufacturing Center)合作,實驗在創造性設計製造中應用先進的3D列印技術。


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