He-Lin Luo: Digital Buddha

  • ©2014, He-Lin Luo

  • ©2014, He-Lin Luo



    Digital Buddha


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Artist Statement:

    Digital Buddha begins with an abstract sculptural object that is without identifiable meaning in the real world. When the camera digitally captures the sculpture, however, the sculpture is transported to the virtual world, decoded in real time, and transformed into a Buddha in the virtual world. The work asks the questions: What is reality and why is reality? Is our reality false, and is the virtual true?

    When the audience stands near the sculpture, the camera captures both the viewer and the sculpture, thus placing the audience simultaneously in reality and virtuality. They sense both reality and unreality’s contradiction. In reality, the sculpture is abstract shape but the audience is normal. In virtual space, the audience is abstract shape but sculpture is normal. What is reality? In modern, virtual things replace reality. Maybe the virtual is the truth.

    在作品Digital Buddha 中,形狀抽象無法辨識意義的雕塑物件,透過數位攝影機捕捉而載入虛擬世界,即時解碼成為一尊佛陀。它試圖討論現實的本質與由來,以及現實的虛假與虛擬的真實可能性。