Robert Trempe: Connections

  • ©2007, Robert B. Trempe Jr.





Creation Year:



    Vector line mapping generated from the contour sectioning of NURBS-based surfaces, printed on a large format printer


    49 cm x 69 cm


Artist Statement:

    Mapping quantitative information into a qualitative construction is a powerful means of generating beauty from data. This work maps the relationships of chance in GDP (gross domestic product) per country or region over the course of five years (2000-2005). Of great importance
    to this exercise was determining a method to show both the gradients of change within a country’s GDP and the influence and overlap of one country’s GDP over another, producing a gradient through lines. Simple dots represent major cities, capital cities, and industrial centers throughout the world.

Technical Information:

    Construction of the data began with a series of NURBS surfaces [in Rhino] with identical x/y dimensions, using one surface for each country or region. The CVs of each surface were then pulled about the Z axis (height) in accordance with the numerical value of the GDP for that country or region. A series of contours parallel to the ground plane were cut through each surface at repetitive increments. The resulting
    NURBS curves were then post-processed in Adobe Illustrator for consistency and transparency.