Masakazu Takano: Transpacific

  • ©2007, Masakazu Takano





Creation Year:



    22 inches x 38 inches x 1 inch


Artist Statement:

    Every day, enormous volumes of digital data come and go across the Pacific Ocean in the world of the internet. The digital information flies around, and we catch its fragments so that the world can be filled with images and texts in a multicultural realm. I attempt to dive into an exploration of mixed languages and images that make up this new vision and culture. My intent is to visualize, as a metaphor, a landscape of the artificial alphabets and numbers carried by ocean waves and convey them with the antique sensibilities of a traditional Japanese screen.

Technical Information:

    Various images were extracted from digital video of water waves and chosen to represent the characteristics of undulation. The shapes were taken out of the original images in Photoshop, and the text layer of alphabets and numbers was created in Illustrator, then mixed with the imagined and generated ocean images.