Masakazu Takano: Re-formation

  • ©2007, Masakazu Takano





Creation Year:



    2D imaging and painting


    26 inches x 26 inches x 1 inch


Artist Statement:

    In my childhood environment, where nature was limited, I spent time stirring up the water in a pond and interacting with a tree in the garden. I hoped for a dynamic reconstruction of their forms beyond future technology. In Re-formation, I illustrate my idea of a life form regenerated by an imaginary biological fantasy and its process. It develops not necessarily by accumulating particular substances but by a strong hope for the future and its upward energy. In the darkness of extinction and space, it grows by searching for colors.

Technical Information:

    The image is composed mainly of digital photographs of a light source moved around by hand. The basic structure is constructed through those pixels to create a path for them to become a life form. The photographs of natural objects such as soils and strata are used to create organic characteristics in the assembled lights.