Susana Sulic: Cyvers Viral City

  • ©2007, Susana Sulic



    Cyvers Viral City


Creation Year:





    0.40 meters x 0.60 meters


Artist Statement:

    Following a temporal flux, we wander from one space to another through cybernetic windows. Like the projection of an
    expanded universe, the forms are regenerated and disintegrated. The whole global world is translated to an algorithm. In a metaphoric way, we introduce the concept of reversibility in the viral sequencial process. Two new worlds, a macroscopic one and an invisible one, take life before our eyes. The values of technology and plasticity are questioned by a different sensitivity. Science becomes a poetic concept: notions of dream and unknown heighten in a phantasmagoric way and produce a poetic and scientific decontextualisation. From the algebraic text on the base, a peculiar dynamic in which the words are changed into images is generated: viruses and pixels melt in a hypothetical city. The spectator travels from the past to the present time and from the present to a virtual space. Therefore, those stories reflect a poetic scientific cosmology. Since the 1980s, I have integrated scientific content, poetry, and technology. The plasticity of the image is my main concern. I also investigate and create sounds to produce “total environmental” works.

Technical Information:

    My objective is to create a kind of generative grammar, by using a grid similar to the one used in biotechnology. In my work, images are considered informational ecosystems; they are generated by the activity and movement of artificial entities.

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