Robert Trempe: 24X7@PHL: Vectoring

  • ©2009, Robert B. Trempe Jr.



    24X7@PHL: Vectoring


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Artist Statement:

    24X7ATPHL: Vectoring is an investigation into the novel usage of time-based animation software and procedural modeling as a method for visualizing time-based quantitative data via construction of a qualitative, two-dimensional rendering. Treated as an experiment that follows the most basic rules of time-lapse photography, 24XATPHL slows down and composites accumulated data on traffic (customer pickup and drop off) over seven days traffic at an international airport. The result not only notates the generations and changes in patterns, but also shows the beauty that can be found in data while unlocking the emergent potential for design. The second in the 24X7@PHL series, Vectoring is based on extraction of the resultant NURBS geometries as a methodology for understand the specific conditions of movement created by the interaction of existing architecture and users, the results of which are currently being used to develop a new speculative masterplan for the international airport.