Lynn Pocock: Pages From a Diary: Leaving

  • ©1998, Lynn Pocock-Williams



    Pages From a Diary: Leaving


Creation Year:



    Digital Monotype Print


    8" x 17"


Artist Statement:

    Pages From a Diary is a series of digital monotypes that explores personal thoughts in the form of a visual diary. The imagery presents an intimate look at the places and events that create a person. The juxtaposition of visual elements conveys the emotional content of our everyday lives, expressing an interpretation of the way things were.

    The series began with a collection of photographs, drawings, and objects, which were digitized and then digitally modified and reconstructed to emphasize their emotional content. The images were printed directly onto plates and then transferred to paper; the transfer process was done entirely by hand. The ink was pressed into the paper by “touching” the printing plate.

    The resulting images are soft, beckoning one to touch their surface. Hands, a reoccurring theme throughout the series, are used to reinforce the touch of the process, the touch of the surface, and the expressiveness of touch.