Leslie Nobler: The Doll Floated by (Quilt for Flight 800)

  • ©1997, Leslie Nobler



    The Doll Floated by (Quilt for Flight 800)


Creation Year:



    Digital art and mixed media (quilt)


    37" x 49"


Artist Statement:

    These works document autobiographical events, just as “album” quilts and photographic journals did for yesterday’s (anonymous) women artists. Relationships, self-image, and life-cycle effects on family and community are represented. The textile, aptly commenting on the historical status of women’s art, adds warmth and tactility to electronic art, merging tradition with technology for deeper insights.

    The once-obvious pixel is represented here by larger units, or patches, of output. I reflect here on the issue of security – especially for the child – in light of AIDS, terrorism, abuse, etc. I metaphorically explore the interpersonal subject of connectivity, or bonding, versus separation and detachment through visual combinations/ layers of elements. Imagery formulated through (digital) painting, scanning, and manipulation is transfer-printed onto fiber substrates, then tiled and reworked with borders, utilizing historical, personally symbolic motifs. While much is accomplished efficiently, even magically, with my Macintosh, artwork production is slow hand labor. Using fibers, dyes, and threads to connect the digital patches together, this work juxtaposes nature with technology. Using this manifold process of I must focus on the linking of technologies/media and vignettes (or patches) to form a cohesive whole. Does the viewer locate a personal “big picture” from its interwoven parts?