Keith Brown: geo_04

  • ©2004, Keith Brown





Creation Year:



    Rapid Prototype LOM


    35 centimeters x 38 centimeters x 40 centimeters


Artist Statement:

    The possibilities for computer-generated sculpture are obviously immense. As the computer gradually takes its place in the tool chest of the contemporary practitioner, we are inevitably seeing changes that challenge our traditional views and preconceptions about how sculpture is conceived, produced, and experienced. The computer and related technologies, for many, including myself, have become much more than simply a new set of design and production tools. They have presented us with completely new media to explore, and no doubt there will be many more to follow. If there is one single influence that will separate the art of this millennium from that of the past, and constitute a paradigm shift of aesthetic and conceptual advancement, of equivalent cultural significance to the first “hand paintings” made in the caves of Paleolithic man, then my calculated guess is that it’s going to be, if it is not already, computer technology.

Technical Information:

    geo_04 was designed in 3ds max and output via the LOM
    technique. Using the computer, in a direct way, as the medium,
    my work is conceived while interacting with the cyber-modeling