Joohyun Pyune: Blue Faith

  • ©2007, Joohyun Pyune



    Blue Faith


Creation Year:



    Dye-sublimation prints on layered fabrics and real branches inside layered fabrics


    60 inches x 36 inches x 5 inches


Artist Statement:

    My work is about encompassing the general human emotions that are multi-layered in all of us. By submerging beyond the emotions of the heart, I come into contact with an inexplicable feeling of melancholy, and my works quietly speak for me through the layering of gossamer fabrics. Also, my experience of Western and Eastern cultures, from Buddhism to Existentialism, from traditional to modern, helps me to realize the differences and to uncover the galvanizing connections among them. With the amazing flexibility of computer graphics, I share my thoughts, even contributing to some of the burdens we carry, like the weight that Sisyphus keeps pushing uphill. My challenge as an artist is not to make momentary visual entertainment but to create another way of sharing our deeper soul on a spiritual level.

Technical Information:

    Dye sublimation similar to traditional printmaking is used to capture and present the image. Since they are processed via heat transfer, digital images become friendlier and less manipulated by computers and printers, whereas the final images are intentionally and unintentionally created by the artist’s physical intervention. The unique and rich textures in these digital images were created in repeated experimental heat transfer processes.