James Faure Walker: Frog, Greenwood Road

  • ©2004, James Faure Walker



    Frog, Greenwood Road


Creation Year:



    Giclee inkjet print


    24 inches x 24 inches


Artist Statement:

    In our London back garden, we are lucky each summer to have two resident frogs. I tried this image out on a variety of backgrounds before settling on this one, which I think of as having a slight art nouveau feel to it. Some of the physical drawing is done with sticks in both left and right hands, and some of the digital drawing is done in vector format, so there are several contrasting methods at work. What fascinates me about some images is what they tell you about the position of the observer, and in this case the intimate overhead view of the frog is combined with an implicit landscape elevation.

Technical Information:

    The line drawing here is a fusion of various digital and physical methods, each with their own constraints. The frog photograph is reduced to three colours.