Daria Tsoupikova, Robert Kooima: Passing “Place for Games”

  • ©2009, Daria Tsoupikova and Robert Kooima



    Passing "Place for Games"


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Artist Statement:

    Passing “Place for Games” visualizes the world famous Kizhi site as high-resolution 3D environment. The goal of this project is to create a virtual prototype of the current state of Kizhi wooden architecture. Kizhi museum preserves a concentration of masterpieces of the Russian heritage and protected by World Heritage List of UNESCO. It is located on an island in Lake Onega in northern Karelia in Russia. Word “kizhi” is translated from Karelian as “a place for games”. In ancient times people gathered here and performed their religious rituals. The visualization reconstructs the original architecture of Kizhi island based on the detailed photographs, architectural and geometric measurements, textural data and video surveys taken during the visit of Kizhi as well as geometric analysis of the surviving structure. The project strives to advance the development of historical restoration in an artistic direction. It is being developed using latest concepts in real-time graphics, including complex illumination with dynamic irradiance environment mapping, shadow mapping, and complex materials containing normal and gloss mapping.