Boris Mueller: VisualPoetry – Generative Graphic Design for Poetry on the Road

  • ©2006, Boris Mueller



    VisualPoetry - Generative Graphic Design for Poetry on the Road


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Artist Statement:

    VisualPoetry generates poetic and abstract visual representations of poetry. It is unique. Few other design projects embrace the concepts of generative design over such a long period of time. The representations are used for graphic design of the literature festival Poetry on the Road in Bremen, Germany, where VisualPoetry has become an integral part of the festival itself.

    The highly interdisciplinary approach and the strong link between the input (poems) and the output (visuals) is unusual. as it bridges the disciplines of design, computer science, and literature. While the basic concept of VisualPoetry is always the same, the visual strategies change every year. The 2003 version was based on the concept of a drawing machine controlled by the sequence of the letters in the poem. In 2005, text was used to generate organic, treelike structures. In 2006, the visual resembled an information visualization.

    In the context of the design discipline, the achievement of VisualPoetry is that a specific idea is the center of the corporate identity and not a specific form.


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