Colette Bangert, Charles Bangert: Large Landscape: Curved and Coiled

  • ©1970, Colette Bangert and Charles Bangert



    Large Landscape: Curved and Coiled


Creation Year:



    Computer plotter, black ink on paper


    23.5" x 28"


Artist Statement:

    The Garden That Was: Garden Letters

    The subject of all this work is landscape. The mode is a conversation about seeing and pictures. Colette paints pictures every day. Jeff writes algorithms. Over many years, the discussion has grown to encompass computers, software, plotters, and printers. Living with the Midwest landscape as our center, nature becomes a whole experience. Colette’s painting series, The Garden That Was, is the source for new computer art.

    Although the images function as stationary, they are part of our computer art feedback loop, which extends and transforms what drawings can be. Each element is important: algorithmic ideas, handmade picture, computer-processed images, as well as a friend who sees and read the letters.

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