Andrzej Zarzycki: Texture of Reality No.7

  • ©2007, Andrzej Zarzycki



    Texture of Reality No.7


Creation Year:



    Computer graphics


    20 inches x 20 inches x 1 inch


Artist Statement:

    This study juxtaposes visual opposites. It captures the apparent contradiction that an accumulation of multiple objects with one distinct property (being sharp) can, on a larger scale, translate to an object with the opposite properties: a soft, luxurious element. This apparent paradox is a visual commentary, revealing deeper readings within nature and science, where individuality can emerge from a collage of anonymous components. Stability can emerge from interactions of chaotic states, and certainty can be a product of probabilistic uncertainty. Texture of Reality No.7 is one of a number of images developed from three-dimensional surface studies that focused on the relationship between the appearance of soft and hard forms within digital environments. The artist intentionally preserved the initial triangulation of the main surface and the visibility of individual faces to use them as visual building blocks for the overall image. These individual triangulations, traditionally seen as shortcomings in digital representation, can acquire visual merit by linking them to the overall composition and the overall intent of the image.

Technical Information:

    This imagery was created with form·Z 3D modeling software and rendered with Cinema 4D. The 3D model is made of a number of loft surfaces with spatial NURBS as guides. The final surface was rendered without smoothing or Phong shading properties to preserve the mesh triangulation as a critical visual component for the image.