Andrzej Zarzycki: Entering the Event Horizon

  • ©2000, Andrzej Zarzycki

  • ©2000, Andrzej Zarzycki

  • ©2000, Andrzej Zarzycki



    Entering the Event Horizon


Creation Year:



    Color posters


    20 inches x 20 inches


Artist Statement:

    Andrzej Zarzycki is an artist and architect who employs computer graphic tools to create and visually experience environments. Andrzej’s artistry is composed of two aspects: the sculptural – searching for excellence in form by computer simulated investigation of materials, light, and tectonics; and the imaginary – investigating the potential and desired representations of form. It is these two aspects that define Andrzej’s unique style of bridging the art of sculpture and painting.

    Andrzej believes that the most important aspect of his artistic process is exploration. The ability to work with materials, the interplay of light and form, creates opportunities which can best be captured through digital imagery.

    Andrzej’s environments explore the sculptural boundary of the possible with the impossible and utilize conventional architectural environments as a departure point. Frequently his creative approach leads him into imaginary worlds of pure exploration within the virtual environment. Using his ability to twist reality during the form-making process, Andrzej transforms conventional (as we know them now) into surrealistic spaces. The author strongly believes that once surrealistic spaces and virtual environments become more real to us, they will also affect our expectation of the surrounding environment.