“Organic Architecture” by Greene

  • ©Ned Greene  New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)


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    Organic Architecture


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  • New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)


    This animation was produced with “gaudi,” an experimental modeling program which operates on a voxel space. Growth begins at specified seed points and proceeds according to simple rules governing the interaction of objects. For example, when attempting to add an incremental element to a growing model, one rule may prohibit intersection with a voxel occupied by another object; another rule may require that the new element lie within a certain proximity of some underlying object. Generally, many different directions for growth are attempted in placing a single incremental element, and if more than one of these trials is successful, the trial which best fits the growth rules is selected. In a sense, the growing model “feels” its way through voxel space. In this example, a 300×300×300 voxel space was tiled with a crude polygonal model of an architectural framework; the program selected among several sets of growth rules depending on which region of the underlying model was in closest proximity, and controlling the character of different regions of the model.

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