“Smarties ‘BluePrint'” by Lambie-Nairn

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    Smarties 'BluePrint'


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  • Lambie-Nairn


    Three weeks of design, two of modeling and three weeks each of traditional and computer animation heralded the arrival of this ad directed by Martin Lambie-Nairn for Smarties. This launches the first blue Smarties into the famous tube, blue never having been considered a viable confectionery color before. To achieve charm and humour, the “space beings” were animated on paper by traditional animator Neville Astley, working alongside computer animator Paul Nightingale. Rendered elements were digitally transferred to Harry for the final edit using Paintbox and Encore.

Additional Contributors:

    Client: Rowntree Mackintosh
    Agency: J .Walter Thompson
    Co Ltd.Copywriter: Mike Moran
    Art Director: Dawn Hewston
    Producer: Alisair Fryer
    Designer/Director: Martin Lambie-Nairn
    Design/Production: Robinson Lambie – Nairn Ltd.
    Producer: Sarah Davies
    Character Development/Animation: CAL Video Graphics Ltd.
    3-D Animation: Paul Nightingale
    3-D Modeling: Nick Titmarsh
    Project Supervision & Digital Editing: Terry Hylton
    Music: The Jingle Zone/Roger Jackson
    Voice: Harry Enfield

Animation / Video Overview: