“Soaron and Blastarr Character Animation” by Price

  • ©Stephen Price  ARCCA Animation


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    Soaron and Blastarr Character Animation


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  • ARCCA Animation


    In February of 1987, we were faced with a monumental problem- how to produce and composite 3-D computer animated characters for a weekly live-action TV show. It meant producing more sophisticated animation per week than had ever been put on the air. ARCCA Animation grew to 25 from a team of 12 experienced people formerly with VIDMAX- Syntha Vision and Omnibus. ARCCA provided computer character design, storyboards, live-action coordination, rendering, 2-D animated effects, final compositing and post-production coordination for the evil warlords Soaron™ and Blastarr. TM Meeting the relentless weekly deadlines of episodic television, from August ’87-February ’88 ARCCA delivered 55 minutes of rendered and composited computer character animation for the 22 episodes of the series. Animation was developed on Silicon Graphics 3130 systems and Wavefront. Rendering was done on 14 Sun 3’s under a proprietary job control system. Compositing with miniatures and live-action was through an Abekas A-62.

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