“Particle Dreams” by Sims

  • ©Karl Sims  Whitney Demos Productions


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    Particle Dreams


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Whitney Demos Productions


    Particle Dreams is a collection of tests of a particle rendering and animation system written for the Connection Machine. A particle renderer allows particles of varying width, length, color and transparency to be rendered with anti-aliasing, motion blur and hidden surfaces. Each data type is parallelized: one virtual process or as allocated per particle, one per pixel size particle fragment and one per pixel. The number of particles in this animation varies between several hundred and 64K. Accelerations, velocities and positions of the particles were animated with dynamics simulation so physically realistic looking motions could be created. Operations such as gravity, damping forces, spiral motions, bouncing, vortex motions, random accelerations, changing color and replication could be applied to selected sets of particles.

Additional Contributors:

    Software and Animation by Karl Sims
    Sound Effects by RobertMoore- BLC Post
    Sound by Frank Foster–HybridArts,Inc.

Animation / Video Overview: