“Pencil Polka” by McMahon

  • ©Michael McMahon  Electric Picture Works


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    Pencil Polka


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Electric Picture Works


    The concept for Pencil Polka began as a demonstration of our 3-D system to an illustrator friend who asked me if the computer could make a pencil. I complied by creating a quick model of simple forms: some cylinders, cones and an extruded hexagon. The idea of simulating the “classic” artist’s tool with the new high-tech tool, a computer, inspired me, and to the rough modeI added a wood grain texture map, specular high-lights, labels and “sharpener” marks. I wanted to create a humorous piece of animation, so I developed a jumpy, dancing motion. Deciding on a title, I proceeded to find music which seemed well-suited to the pencils’ lively,up-beat dance. Pencil Polka was created with Intelligent Light software running on an Apollo DN-4000. The “scribble” and “erase” animation was done on a Quantel Paintbox and combined with the 3-D frames using an Abekas A6 2 Digital Recorder.

Animation / Video Overview: