“Krypto and the Supremes” by Seydoux

  • ©Henri Seydoux  Buffin Seydoux Computer Animation (BSCA)


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    Krypto and the Supremes


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  • Buffin Seydoux Computer Animation (BSCA)


    Krypto is a 3-D presenter for the french pay television, CanalPlus. He announces films and specials,and is meant to surprise the viewers. Krypto was entirely conceived of by Pierre Buffin, who did the storyboards, modeling and animation. Over a period of five months, he created 10 10-second spots and one 30-second spot. Likewise, Diana Ross and the Supremes were created for M6, french music TV. All our computer graphics were realized on a system we have been developing over the past three years. Modeling was done on a PC-AT using a french graphics card and hierarchical methods. Images were calculated on an Iris 3130, and Krypto, for example, took about six minutes per frame to render. BSCA (Buffin Seydoux Computer Animation) was created three years ago by Pierre Buffin and Henri Sevdoux. For the most part, we do more hand animation than computer animation.

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