“Footsteps” by Zerouni

  • ©Craig Zerouni  Computer FX Ltd.


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  • Computer FX Ltd.


    Footsteps is part of a new showreel which reflects Computer FX’s interesting moving on from flying rigid chrome objects through space. The future (partially) lies in achieving more subtle effects through combining computer animation with other material, especially live action. In Copperhead , part of the R&D section , black & white library footage was treated to look like hammered metal. In Opinions (designed by Bob English), text was animated to move around live action; post-production was by Complete Video. Screensport (designed by English Markell Pockett) used rotoscoping of live footage to give smooth motion to the athletes actions. Antenna (designed by Charles McGhie, BBC) takes in live action and converts it intoa3-Dmosaicpattern, frame by frame. Modeling and animation a red one on two Silicon Graphics IRISes, rendering on two MIPS M1000s, using software written in C under UNIX. In addition, CFX employs an Abekas A60, a Sony 1″, Two IMI-500s, its own frame buffers and many talented people to make its films.

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