“Burning Love” by St. John

  • ©Nancy St. John  Pacific Data Images (PDI)


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    Burning Love


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  • Pacific Data Images (PDI)


    Burning Love is the story of how Wendell comes to realize that he can’t stop Laura, the woman he loves, from leaving him.

    The initial reasons for doing the film were to produce an in-house piece more than a minute in length and to develop a story without being limited by our current tools.  We developed new tools and looks by experimenting with goal-directed human figure motion and facial expressions.  We created a painterly effect (we call it Render Strokes), and our characters’ sculpted look was achieved by designing in clay. This project reflects our desire to expand the definition of computer animation. Burning Love was supported entirely by PDI and its employees, makers of fine computer animation since the early 80s.

Additional Contributors:

    Carl Rosendahl, Howard Baker, Roger Gould, Jim Ward, Adam Chin, Shari Glusker, Richard Chuang, Delle Maxwell, Henry Anderson, Carlos Arguello, Steve Goldberg, Karen Schneider, Thaddeus Beier, Graham Walters, Scott Anderson

    Music editing: Elizabeth Barfait
    Sound Editing: Peter Gotcher, digidesign
    Nancy St. John, Pacific Data Images, Sunnyvale, California

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