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    Digital Pictures Ads


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  • Digital Pictures


    Digital Pictures grew out of the postgraduate “experimental art” department at the Slade School of Fine Art University College London. This group specialized in the application of science technology to the fine arts. Now a venerable six-year old, Digital Pictures continues the tradition of integrating art and science and is a mix of artists, mathematicians, animators, computer scientists, graphic designers and software engineers. The Digital Pictures Software Package has been developed in house, much of it to solve particular visual or technical problems which have arisen during productions.The renderer is a fairly standard scanline/a buffer/raytrace amalgam,running under Unixon Silicon Graphics hardware and the Data General MV range, amongst others. It includes an implementation of free form deformation (FFDs), which has featured quite heavily in our recent commercials i.e., bendy spoons, fish and horses. We try to avoid a flashy hightech look, where the technology can be intrusive and concentrate on good animation, staging and storytelling.

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