“A Close Encounter in the Fourth Dimension” by Norton and Melton

  • ©Alan V. Norton and Evelyn Melton  IBM Corporation


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    A Close Encounter in the Fourth Dimension


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • IBM Corporation


    This animation illustrates the Julia set of the formula (1.475+ 906i)x(1-×). The Julia set, a geometric object intrinsically associated with the formula, naturally resides in the 4-D algebra known as the quaternions. A 3-D slice of the Julia set is illustrated emerging from a planar (2-D) slice. The Julia set is a fractal; i.e., a shape that possesses detail at all scales of magnification. One research purpose is to explore the introduction of additional detail into a computer image as the viewer approaches a surface. In the animation, portions of the Julia set are computed at two and four times the original resolution, and are merged into the original image as the viewer approaches the surface.

Additional Contributors:

    Modeling and rendering: Alan Norton
    Animation: Evelyn Melton
    Fractal music: Curtis Bahn, Center for Computer Music,Brooklyn College, CUNY, C .Dodge, director
    Special Thanks: G.Braudaway, J .Hall, T.Kay, F.Chan, S.Harvey, P.Zackowski, O.Goggins, M.Henderson, J .Zienda

Animation / Video Overview: