“CT6 Automobile” by Briggs

  • ©John A. Briggs  Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    CT6 Automobile


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation


    All imagery was generated in real-time on an Evans and Sutherland CT6 visual image generator and recorded directly as NTSC video. Cars are shown in rigorous maneuvers. The car dynamics were computed using Evans and Sutherland proprietary real-time dynamics software. The computer model includes full vehicle, drivetrain and tire dynamics. The details on the cars and in the background scenery was achieved largely through the use of photo-derived texture. These graphics can be used in whole-vehicle simulation. The talents of T.C. Brown, Rick Chambers, Chuck Clark, Mike Cosman, Rod Deyo, Ann Haines, Marlin McDaniel, Margo Taylor, Steve Winters, and Steve Zimmerman combined to make this videotape possible.

Animation / Video Overview: