“Broken Heart” by Staveley

  • ©Joan I. Staveley  ACCAD/OSU


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    Broken Heart


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    Broken Heart makes use of psychological and physical cultural structures to express notions about isolation, fear and violence. Dinnerforks violate a claustrophobic hall and roomspace, resulting in the symbolic death of the space. A 3-Space Digitizer was used to model the fork punctures ;all other data was built by hand or using data generation software. The film begins and ends with a digitized image and 3-D animation organized over its surface. The water-like rippling sheet is a dynamic simulation created by David R. Haumann on a Symbolics Lisp machine. All other motion was “key-framed” using an Evans and Sutherland PS300. The film was calculated on a Convex C-1 and a Dec/Vax11/780 and rendered on a Raster Technologies framebuffer. The reflect-mapping software used on the forks was written by John Donkin. Selective point transformation software, written by Wilson Burrows, raised and depressed the fork punctures. All other software was developed at The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design at Ohio State University.

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