“Digital Kung-Fu Fighters and Face Replacement for 6- “The One”” by Kleiser-Walczak

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    Digital Kung-Fu Fighters and Face Replacement for 6- "The One”



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  • Kleiser-Walczak


    Jet Li plays a police officer pursued by his evil alter ego from a parallel universe who seeks to kill him and become “The One.” Advanced face replacement techniques allow Li to fight his twin. Both faces are visible and fully expressive in close-ups. In the “chorus line” fight scene, Li’s superhuman velocity is conveyed by individually slowing the CG cop opponents while he moves at normal speed. Kleiser-Walczak used tracking software by Yannix, Maya for modeling and animation, Shake for retiming and compositing, and custom plug-ins co-developed with kolektiv.com.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Eric Durst
    Visual Effects Producer: Susan Zwerman
    Compositing Supervisor: Bob Peitzman
    2D Paint & Rotoscope Supervisor: Fish Essenfeld
    Special Thanks to RFX, Inc. Yannix Technology Corp. E-Film Gentle Giant Cyber FX Propmasters Post Logic Magritte’s Cow Nothing Real Alias Wavefront Poser
    Modeling Supervisor: Gerard van Ommen Klöeke
    2D Paint & Rotoscope Artists: Paul Carlos, Ray Cavalluzzi, Nicolle Cornute, Leah Nall, Mary E. Nelson, Brad Sutton
    Modelers: Stephan Mann, Tim Rowlandson, Eric Sanford, Tao Tung
    Senior Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeff Kleiser
    Effects Animators: David W. Allen, Jeff Benoit, André Dupuy, Nathaniel Hunter, Jason Lazaroff
    Additional Modelers: Tony Kafenhaus, John Nguyen
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Ken Wallace
    Render Manager: Tom Hendrickson
    Executive Visual Effects Producer: Erika Walczak
    Technical Character Animation Lead: Paul Jordan
    I/O Manager: John Lee
    Visual Effects Producer: Mark Ashton Hunt
    I/O Coordinator: Martha Small
    Visual Effects Coordinators: Colleen Bachman, Sandie Cam
    Lighting Animators: Gina Di Bari, Sandy Tie Dong, Peter Greenstone, Alisa Loren Klein, Glenda Novotny, Scott Rays
    Systems Administrator: Scott Lord
    Asst. Visual Effects Coordinator: Danielle Costa
    Systems Administrator/Render Wrangler: Lance Lones
    Effects Animation Supervisor: Daniel Roizman
    Character Animators: Lori Benson-Noda, Cory Rocco Florimonte, Bill Miller
    Systems Advisor: Joe Hall
    Character Animation Supervisor: Randall J. Rosa
    Lighting Supervisor: Bruno Vilela
    Effects Developers: Eyal Erez, Pranay Patel, Scot Shinderman
    Modelers: Stephan Mann, Tim Rowlandson, Eric Sanford, Tao Tung
    Compositors: Randy Brown, Chris Ciampa, Daniel Cobbett, Nicholas Gervay, Rimas Juchnevicius, Matt Kelly, John Rauh, Andrew Schwartz

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