“The Time Machine” by Digital Domain, Inc.

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    The Time Machine



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  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    For these time-travel sequences from the feature The Time Machine, the team at Digital Domain, led by Visual Effects Supervisor Erik Nash, created a visual experience wherein the audience could see the world change in ways no one would be able to film or realize any other way. The two sequences use multiple 3D and 2D software tools. Maya was used for modeling and character animation. Houdini, rendering with Mantra, was used as the primary 3D effects tool. Custom tools and shaders were written to turn US Geological Survey data into animating and eroding terrain.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Erik Nash
    Digital Paint Lead: Ron Gress
    Best Boy Electric: Dwayne Lyon
    Visual Effects Storyboard Artist: Darryl Anka
    Digital Matte Painters: Peter Baustaedter, Suzy Brown, Ronnie Bushaw, John Hart, Brian Ripley, Daveed Shwartz
    Visual Effects Graphic Designer: Natasha Rand
    Digital Rotoscope/Paint Lead: Byron Werner
    Digital Imaging Supervisor: Jeffrey Kalmus
    Digital Rotoscope/Paint Artists: Amanda Burton, Loring Doyle, Hilery Johnson, Joanne Ladolcetta, Carlos Morales, Chris Wood, William Schaeffer
    Visual Effects Production Coordinator: Erika McKee-Martin
    Digital Effects 3D Coordinator: Michelle Leigh
    Miniature Supervisor: Alan Faucher
    Digital Effects 2D Coordinator: Tom Clary
    Miniature Crew Chief: George Stevens
    Assistant Visual Effects Coordinator: Bernardo Jauregui
    Miniature Crew Lead: Nick Seldon
    Walk-Through Coordinator: Geoffrey E. Baumann
    Visual Effects Producer: Julian Levi
    Lead Model Painter: Ted Van Doorn
    CG Modeling & Lighting: Aladino V. Debert, Kevin Jackson, Melanie Okamura, Gaku Tada, Esdras Varagnolo
    Technical Assistant: Grazia Como
    Digital Effects Supervisor: Jonathan Egstad
    Miniature Model Makers: James Cook, J.D. Sansaver
    Visual Effects Editor: Debra Wolff
    3D Pre-Vis/Integration Lead: Zachary Tucker
    Computer Graphics Supervisor: David Prescott
    Supervising Mechanical Engineer: Scott Salsa
    Assistant Visual Effects Editor: Val Keller
    Compositing Supervisor: Bryan Grill
    3D Integration Artists: Jason Doss, Scott Edelstein, David Niednagel, Michael Ossian, Aaron Singer, Eric Warren
    Mechanical Effects: John Lisman, Richard Soper
    Visual Effects Accountant: Bekki Misiorowski
    Digital Production Manager: Lisa K. Spence
    Technical Director Leads: Johnny Gibson, Jason Iversen
    Visual Effects Production Assistant: Brady Doyle
    Lead Miniature Pyro Technician: Eric Rylander
    CG Time Travel Sequence Lead: Sean Andrew Faden
    Visual Effects Executive Producer: Nancy Bernstein
    Miniature Director of Photography: Tony Anderson
    CG Effects Animation Leads: Robert A.D. Frick, Andrew Waisler
    Technical Directors: John Michael Courte, Matthew Fairclough, Brian Goldberg, Jonah Hall, Darren Hendler, Charlotte Manning, Paul George Palop
    Miniature Assistant Director: Luke Scully
    First Assistant Camera: A.J. Raitano
    CG Effects Animators: Charles Abou Aad, Tom Allen, Matthew Cordner, Kevin Gillen, Garman Herigstad, Joe Jackman, Alan Kapler, Markus Kurtz, Michael Lemmon, Aaron McComas, Ryo Sakaguchi, Rob Stauffer, Alexander Stephan, Hiroshi Tsubokawa, Alfred Urrutia, Andy Wilkoff, Christopher Yang, Jens Zalzala
    Digital Compositing Time Travel Sequence Leads: Mark Larranaga, David Lauer, Christine Lo
    Miniature Shoot Support: John Higbie
    Lead Digital Compositors: Brian Begun, Jodi Campanaro, Claas Henke, Donovan Scott
    Motion Control Operators: Chris Dawson Mike Leben
    Key Grip: Bryan Marincic
    Character Animation Lead: Brad Parker
    Best Boy Grip: Kirk Greenberg
    Character Animators: Dan Fowler, David Hodgins
    Digital Compositors: Krista Benson, Kevin Bouchez, Sonja Burchard, Dan Cobbett, Sean Devereaux, Rachel Dunn, Sam Edwards, Linda Henry, Robert Hoffmeister, Joe Ken, Dave Lockwood, Samantha McGee, Brandon McNaughton, Michael F. Miller, Lou Pecora, Brennan Prevatt, Eric Weinschenk
    CG Modeling & Lighting Leads: Howie Muzika, Vernon R. Wilbert Jr.

Animation / Video Overview: