Issue 96: SIGGRAPH 93 Video Supplement to the Conference Proceedings

SVR Issue No:  96

SVR Issue Title:  SIGGRAPH 93 Video Supplement to the Conference Proceedings

Conference:  SIGGRAPH 1993

SVR Issue Information

  • Issue 96 SIGGRAPH 93 Video Supplement to the Conference Proceedings
    1. Interactive Texture Mapping
    2. Implementing Rotation Matrix Constraints in Analog VLSI
    3. Pad: An Alternative Approach to the Computer Interface
    4. A Toolkit for Interactive Construction of 3D Interfaces
    5. VIEW – An Exploratory Molecular Visualization System with User-definable Interaction Sequences
    6. The Nanomanipulator: A Virtual Reality Interface for a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
    7. Surround-screen Projection-based Virtual Reality: The Design and Implementation of the CAVE
    8. Display of the Earth Taking into Account Atmospheric Scattering
    9. Smooth Transitions between Bump-rendering Algorithms
    10. Adaptive Display Algorithm for Interactive Frame Rates During Visualization of Complex Virtual Environments
    11. View Interpolation for Image Synthesis
    12. Spatial Anti-aliasing for Animation Sequences with Spatio-temporal Filtering
    13. Space Diffusion: An Improved Parallel Half-toning Technique Using Space-filling Curves
    14. An Implicit Formulation for Precise Contact Modeling Between Flexible Solids
    15. Sensor-actuator Networks
    16. Spacetime Constraints Revisited
    17. Animation of Plant Development
    18. Modeling Soil: Real-time Dynamic Models for Soil Slippage and Manipulation
    19. Turbulent Wind Fields for Gaseous Phenomena

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