Winnie Soon

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  • Denmark


  • Winnie Soon is a Hong Kong artist-researcher, currently living in Denmark and working at the intersection of media/computational art, software studies, cultural studies, and code practice. Her artworks and research examine the cultural implications of technologies in which computational processes and infrastructure underwrite our experiences, specifically concerning automated censorship, data circulation, real-time processing/liveness, invisible infrastructure and the culture of code practice. Soon’s artworks and projects have been exhibited and presented internationally at museums, festivals, public libraries, universities and conferences across Europe, Asia and America. In 2019, she received the Expanded Media Award for Network Culture at Stuttgarter Filmwinter — Festival for Expanded Media, WRO 2019 Media Art Biennale Award and Public Library Prize for Electronic Literature (short-listed), Literature in Digital Transformation. Soon is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Digital Design at Aarhus University.



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