Helen Pritchard

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  • London, United Kingdom


  • Helen Pritchard is the head of Digital Arts Computing and a lecturer in Computational Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. Helen’s interdisciplinary work brings together the fields of Computational Aesthetics, more-than-human geographies, and Queer Feminist TechnoScience. Her practice is both one of writing and making and these two modes mutually inform each other to consider the impact of computational practices on bodies and environments. Helen’s practice often emerges as workshops, collaborative events and computational art. She is the co-editor of “Data Browser 06: Executing Practices”, published by Open Humanities Press (2018) and has shown work internationally including transmediale (Germany), DA Fest International festival of Digital Art, (Bulgaria), Spacex (UK), Microwave Festival (Hong Kong), Sonic Acts (NL), Arnolfini Online (UK).



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