Su Hyun Nam

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  • Chicago, Illinois, United States of America


  • SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

    My work explores the boundary between humans and technology to dismantle the traditional anthropocentric perspective. Such human-centric ideology is imbued into contemporary society and embodied as the inequality in humans’ relationships with all nonhumans – including technology. Humans have employed technology as if they are entitled to control the whole technical system as its creators – like Frankenstein – and we have purposefully devised it in pursuit of convenience, domination, efficiency, and controls. As Haraway points out, in technological culture and society “it is not clear who makes and who is made in the relation between human and machine,” and human and technological cognition compose the planetary cognitive system together on the complex network of relationships. My work foregrounds such connectivity and continuity between humans and technology and experiment with the perceptual gap space between the logical computational process and imperfect yet rich human experience.

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