Ruben Kappler

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  • Bowling Green, Ohio, United States of America



  • Ruben Kappler was born in Alma (MI), grew up in Ithaca, and now lives in Bowling Green (OH) where he is a professional, portrait, art, and freelance event photographer. He is currently working on obtaining his MFA in digital art. Ruben’s photography career began without him even knowing it. Traveling the world while serving in the Air Force, he saw the world in a way that few would. These experiences would eventually manifest themselves through the lens of a camera. While stationed in Las Vegas, he was gifted a camera from his brother, Anthony. This gesture would create a lifelong passion of understanding life through images by expressing himself through his subjects; an experience, a persona, a space in time, thus seeing the many masks we all wear. Art school is where he is trying to connect what is truly important by finding a way to identify the inherent qualities of his own character in a way that he never thought possible through a camera.



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