Lars Erik Holmquist

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  • Viktoria Institute, PLAY-Interactive Institute, Future Applications Lab


  • SIGGRAPH 2005

    Lars Erik Holmquist is leader of the Future Applications Lab at the Viktoria Institute in Goteborg, Sweden. He is one of the founders of the emerging ubiquitous music research community and also has a long-running engagement in the fields of ubiquitous computing and interaction technology. He organized the first International Workshop on Mobile Music Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, in June 2004, and co-organized the second workshop in Vancouver, BC in May 2005. He was general chair of UbiComp 2002, the major academic conference on ubiquitous computing, and demonstration chair for UbiComp 2004. He has presented work on human-computer interaction and information visualization at conferences such as CHI, UIST, InfoVis and Interact. SIGGRAPH presentations include four emerging technologies exhibitions, a panel on mobile entertainment, and several sketches. He is an associate professor at the Gothenburg IT University and associate editor of Springer’s Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. 


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