“GlowBots: Robots That Evolve Relationships” by Jacobsson, Ljungblad, Bodin, Knurek and Holmquist

  • ©Mattias Jacobsson, Sara Ljungblad, Johan Bodin, Jeffrey Knurek, and Lars Erik Holmquist

  • ©Mattias Jacobsson, Sara Ljungblad, Johan Bodin, Jeffrey Knurek, and Lars Erik Holmquist


Entry Number: 09


    GlowBots: Robots That Evolve Relationships




    GlowBots are small wheeled robots that develop complex relationships between each other and with their owner. They develop attractive patterns which are affected both by user interaction and communication between the robots. The project shows how robots can interact with humans in subtle and sustainable ways for entertainment and enjoyment.

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