Ken Gonzales-Day

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  • Claremont, California, United States of America


  • Currently an Associate Professor at Scripps College, Ken Gonzales-Day received a WESTAF/NEA award in New Genres in 1996. In 1995, he received an MFA from the University of California, Irvine. In 1993, he was a Van Leer fellow in the ISP at the Whitney Museum of American Art. He holds an MA in Art History from Hunter College, C.U.N.Y. and a BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

    He has exhibited at: White Columns & Christinerose Gallery in New York, the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center, Los Angeles’ Foundation for Art Resources at Full Moon Gallery, L.A.C.P.S. Re:solution Gallery, Spaces in Cleveland, the Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art, among others.



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