Joe Tankersley

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  • 2019

    Joe tankersley is a futurist, author, and former Walt Disney Imagineer. During his twenty-year career at Imagineering he led creative teams on projects at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. He also helped to create the first strategic foresight group for WDI and worked with divisions across the Disney company to explore the future of entertainment, business, and creativity. He currently serves as a foresight advisor to multinational corporations, nonprofits, and community groups. He uses his experience as a futurist and storyteller to help his clients create their best tomorrows. Joe has served on the board of directors of the Association of Professional Futurists and the Global Future Forum. He currently serves on the boards of The Blue Ocean Consortium and the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes. He is the author of “Reimagining Our Tomorrows: Making Sure Your Future Doesn’t Suck”

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