Haemin Kim

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  • Seoul, Korea


  • SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

    Participating artist of the Korea Creative Content Agency’s game convergence project “Imagine play” in September 2018.

    Participation in the Physical Tool Game ‘Days in Colors’ at the Convergence Arts Center of the Korea National University of Arts in September 2018.

    Participate in the National Gwacheon National Science Museum’s ‘Please Take Care of the Storage’ in December 2018.

    Planning a Maker Education Workshop and Making Diocese of Sejong Science High School in January 2019.

    Planning and Production of the Best Award of Harvey Makerton, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity in March 2019.

    Planning and production of FAN5 renewable city Pavilion and participatory exhibits in May 2019, September 2019.

    WSCE Smart City Makerton – planning and producing the award-winning ‘Circle’ Planning and production of the game-type Emercive play “Catch Queen in the Mirror” by the Youth Art Troupe in November 2019.



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