Gregg Favalora

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Actuality Systems and Inc.


  • SIGGRAPH 2005

    I’m Gregg Favalora; I have been developing 3-D displays since 1988. My research includes multiplanar 3-D displays (such as those using parallel raster scanning and 3-DMD bitmap projection), and a variety of holographic and quasi-holographic displays, such as those my firm is developing under a $1.7 million government contract. 

    I founded Actuality Systems, Inc. in 1997 to commercialize Perspecta, an interactive volumetric 3-D display platform. It is being used worldwide in the fields of medicine, military visualization, and molecular modeling. Our 20 employees have been focused on the development of the mathematics, electronics, software, and optical systems which make possible some of the world’s most advanced 3-D displays. 

    I hold approx. 5 patents and many pending in the fields of 3-D display, am on the committee of “the” 3-D display conference (SPIE Stereoscopic Displays and Applications), and really get a kick out of being a part of panel discussions.

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