Emil Polyak

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  • Drexel University and NC State University, VR and Immersive Media


  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America



  • Emil Polyak is an artist, developer and educator with more than two decades of experience in computer aided art and design. He started his career in Hungary, and since then, he has worked and taught in various universities and studios in New Zealand and Singapore. Currently he is an assistant professor at the College of Design, department of Art+Design at the NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. His research combining animations with interactive control for virtual impersonation in traditional puppetry culminated in a project published at the SIGGRAPH conference in 2012. Exploring the intersections of the physical and virtual world, Emil’s projects communicate real events and scenarios using an abstract computer generated language.

    SIGGRAPH 2020

    Emil Polyak received a master’s degree in Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design from the University of New South Wales in Australia. With background in 3D animation, interactive media, and digital arts, Polyak is exploring intersections of science, engineering and art. His work is focusing on research informed design practice with emerging and experimental creative technologies to expand disciplinary boundaries and to create meaningful experiences. The overarching goal of his scholarship is to reimagine creative practice with the possibilities and implications of computational creativity. Prior to joining Drexel University, he taught at NYU, at Media Design School, and at NC State University.



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