Debbie Pashkoff

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  • Rhythm & Hues Studios


  • SIGGRAPH 2003

    Debbie Pashkoff is currently a Lighting/Art Director at Rhythm & Hues Studios having come to the company in 1994 as a lighting Technical Director. Her education includes art degrees from the School of Visual Arts and the University of Florida. From there, she worked as a Technical Director for HDCG and Magic Box Productions before coming to Rhythm & Hues. Her training, during a time when the industry was still forming, necessitated a solid understanding of both artistic and technical skills, both of which she continues to use today. Her credits include Coca-Cola Polar Bear commercials, as well as many others, and recent films such as Cats & Dogs and the upcoming XMen 2.

    “A Technical Director with a good eye will always have a better “first pass” at a shot or task than someone with a purely technical eye. It is often the case that the purely technical person will present something that they believe is “correct,” while someone with a better eye for the aesthetic will present work that was correct to begin with but then altered to create a better look.”

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