“The Importance of Non-Technical Skills in Highend Visual Effects Careers” by Gladstone, Delahaye, Pashkoff, Szymanski and Orloff

  • ©Frank Gladstone, Valerie Delahaye, Debbie Pashkoff, Stan Szymanski, and Andrew Orloff




    The Importance of Non-Technical Skills in Highend Visual Effects Careers




    Schools are getting much better at presenting students with the technical skills they need to succeed in high-end visual effects and feature animation. But often it is a lack of non-technical skills that scuttles a digital artist’s career. This panel will address what those “other” skills are and how important they are to an individual’s success. Skills to be addressed range from traditional art skills to presentation and communication abilities to working well with others. Panelists will include professionals who earn their keep in these industries; studio recruiters, visual effects producers and supervisors, art directors and digital studio presidents. These are the people who decide who succeeds and who doesn’t. All panelists are also actively involved in education.


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