Amy Bruckman

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Georgia Institute of Technology


  • SIGGRAPH 2007

    Amy Bruckman is an Associate Professor in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She and her students in the Electronic Learning Communities (ELC) research group do research on online communities and education. She is the creator of MOOSE Crossing, a text-based virtual world in which kids ages 8-13 practice their creative writing and learn object-oriented programming. MOOSE includes a new programming language designed to make it easier for kids to learn to program, and was open to kids for eleven years from 1995- 2006. Current projects include Science Online (a wiki-based public science resource in which students learn science content and method by writing for a real audience) and ThinkGame (where students studying games both reflect on their own experiences and have an opportunity to contribute to the new field of academic game studies). Amy is interested in ethical issues in Internet research, and was a member of working groups on this topic organized by AAAS, AoIR, and APA. Amy received her PhD from the MIT Media Lab’s Epistemology and Learning group in 1997, her MSVS from the Media Lab’s Interactive Cinema Group in 1991, and her BA in physics from Harvard University in 1987. In 1999, she was named one of the 100 top young innovators in science and technology in the world (TR100) by Technology Review magazine. In 2002, she was awarded the Jan Hawkins Award for Early Career Contributions to Humanistic Research and Scholarship in Learning Technologies. More information about her work is available at