“VR/AR/MR For Everyone!” Moderated by

  • ©Jordyn Curley, John Canning, Elvis AU, Stephen Phillips, Michael McCarthy, and Samuel Conlogue



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    VR/AR/MR For Everyone!




    The attendees at the SIGGRAPH Conference run the gambit from indie contractors to multi-million-dollar studios. After attending the conference for the past 7 years, I kept hearing the same thing from many small studios and/or individuals. They feel a lot of the emerging technology that is premiered at SIGGRAPH seems out of reach or impractical for them to utilize. Our panel works to challenge this assumption. By bringing in industry professionals from various disciplines and levels, we can show how anyone from an independent contractor to a large studio can implement new tools and technologies. Specifically, our talk will focus on encounters with AR/VR/MR and how we worked it into our pipeline. Whether someone is out there making the next big movie or trying to pitch to a client in a conference room setting, they will find attending this panel useful. We will talk about the practical applications of AR/VR/MR and how we have explored these technologies over the years.



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