“Under the Scalpel – ILM’s Digital Flesh Workflows”

  • ©Sean Comer, Jacob Buck, and Brice Criswell



Entry Number: 09


    Under the Scalpel - ILM’s Digital Flesh Workflows



    Every year, Industrial Light Magic is tasked with creating an immense spectrum of realistic character work. From the Hulk to dinosaurs, this work requires physiologically accurate, yet flexible, robust, and efficient muscle simulation techniques. Older methods often used an elaborate and expensive jiggle deformation systems that required a high amount of maintenance and post corrective work. However, on Jurassic World and Avengers: Age of Ultron, we sought to exhibit the anatomical connective network of tissue matrices. Our methods of tangential and volumetric tensegrity simulations enabled us to achieve a high resolution of simulated results, down to striations and veins of the muscle, previously unachievable.


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